Why Use a Specialty Pharmacy?

Axium Healthcare is different from a traditional retail pharmacy. Our purpose is to serve patients requiring medications that treat complex and chronic diseases, such as cancer. Many of these cancer therapies have requirements by the FDA, and once prescribed, require education and monitoring. As a Axium Healthcare patient, we will guide you through your treatment by providing personalized, one-on-one care. Our dedicated clinical and patient care teams are highly skilled, trained and experienced to help you understand the complexities between healthcare providers, insurance, and your medication plan. This team includes Pharmacists, Oncology Certified Nurses, licensed Social Workers, Patient Advocates, and dedicated Patient Care Coordinators.

In addition, our Patient Advocacy Team works proactively with you to secure copay assistance and financial support while connecting you to local and national support resources to help you stay on therapy.


Access to Oncology Medications

Axium Healthcare has access to an extensive list of Oncology medications that treat many different forms of cancer – including many limited distribution therapies. Our Oncology Care teams provide support with medication management, educational resources, and offer guidance on available social services to ensure a customized patient journey.

What to Expect

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Comprehensive Oncology Care

Our Experienced Pharmacists and Oncology Certified Nurses provide personalized and attentive care through every step of your treatment journey.

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Getting Started

Each patient receives an initial welcome call to learn about our services, which includes verifying your insurance benefits.

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Removing Barriers to Care

Our Patient Access Coordinators work alongside your prescriber and insurance provider to get you started on your medication as soon as possible.

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Thoughtful Questions

When scheduling your medications, our Patient Care team will ask questions regarding your treatment. Finding ways to help you stay on therapy is our number one priority.

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Expert Clinical Support

Our dedicated Clinical Support Team is available 24/7 to provide expert care and support and offer guidance when needed.

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Worry-Free Refill Management

We keep track of your refill schedule. Prior to each refill, we contact you by your preferred method of communication-- email, phone, or text.

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Contact Preferences

If you prefer text refill reminders in place of phone calls, let us know and a member of our Patient Care team can opt you into this free service.

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Confidential and Timely Deliveries

Discreet medication delivery options available to your home, office or for pick up at our pharmacy for self-administered medications.

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Personalized Patient Care

Our Patient Advocacy Team is available to assist with access to your medication, copays support and resources.

Pharmacy Pick-Up

Prefer to Pick-Up Your Medication?

At Axium Healthcare Puerto Rico, your journey is our passion. As a patient of ours, we offer options to ensure you get your medication in the most convenient way. Whether you prefer to have your medication delivered to your provider’s office, home, work or to have available to pick up in our pharmacy, we are here to remove barriers to get you on therapy fast. Once your medication has been approved by your insurance, a member of our Patient Care team will contact you to coordinate the delivery of your medication. At that time, if you prefer to pick up your medication, please notify our team and we will ensure your medication is ready for pick up at:

Professional Offices Park
1001 San Roberto Street, Suite 101, San Juan, PR 00926
hours: M-F 8:00 am - 6:00 pm AST

Patient Support

24/7 Clinical Support

Our Pharmacists and Oncology Certified Nurses offer compassionate, supportive care for patients going through complex and challenging treatments for cancer. With personalized attention available to patients and caregivers 24/7, our Clinical Team is here to:

  • Answer your medication questions
  • Support you by providing education on how your medications works
  • Review your medications/supplements to check for drug interactions
  • Provide guidance on how to remain on therapy
  • Help you manage medication side effects
  • Work with your healthcare team to coordinate your care

Financial Resources

Disease State Resources


Frequently Asked Questions

We are privileged to be a part of your care team and will coordinate directly with your doctor's office for prior authorizations, appeals, refills, and anything else needed for your care.

Please contact us at 844.355.4191 for any questions related to insurance.

We do accept copay cards, and we will help enroll qualified patients in copay card programs. To use a copay card, you must have commercial/private insurance. Additionally, some states have laws prohibiting patients from using copay cards for medications that have a generic equivalent.

A copay card accumulator prevents manufacturer copay assistance coupons from counting towards the deductible and the maximum out-of-pocket spending.

Many of our Oncology therapies offer copay card programs to those with private/commercial insurance. Most drug manufacturers also offer programs to help patients who are uninsured or underinsured. Additionally, we work with third-party Foundations that assist with copays for eligible patients, such as the HealthWell Foundation.

Yes, we are experts in navigating multiple insurances and utilizing them appropriately to get the most coverage possible for our patients.

Our Patient Care Coordinators keep track of your refills and contact you 7-10 days before your refill date. You do not need to keep track of refill dates.

Depending on your insurance plan, your Patient Care Coordinator will discuss your preferred address with you for each refill.


Form inquiries are answered within 48 hours of receipt. If you require immediate attention or are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

Best start and end time to be contacted: